Welcome to Project Engage

Hey there! I'm  Paula Barthelmess, but you can call me Paula B. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in Trauma Informed Care and I would like to introduce you to Project 88.7’s newest program titled Project Engage.  Project Engage will be an in-depth informational bridge between an array of topics that face our community and our listeners on a daily basis.  Some of these topics will have affected our families, friends and individuals we know within our communities.  We have decided this project will occur in three-month intervals with each month of the interval information provided will go deeper and deeper into the subject matter chosen to profile during that designated time span.  This will allow for you, our listeners to become better informed of the identified topic as you chose to become involved.

The order of events with occur with the first month consisting of articles relevant to the subject with a few on air interviews followed by increased information and awareness points of contact within our community happening during the second month.  With the  third month of the cycle we will provide our listeners opportunities to become involved within our community providing support where needed or customary volunteer experiences. 

As we move along with Project Engage please feel free to contact us if there is a subject matter that you feel is important to our community and may need additional awareness.  We are excited to have you join us in this new adventure.  God bless you and your community.